Temple Journey Tour

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Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple

No trip to Bali is complete without a visit to the island’s ancient temples. The “Island of a Thousand Puras” is dotted with sacred Hindu sites, decorated with intricate stone carvings. Your Temple Journey will take you to several of the island’s most beautiful temples, sacred springs and natural sites.

This journey begins at 8am when your driver will meet you at the Vision Villa Resort lobby. You will then drive to Gunung Kawi Temple, a royal complex of no fewer than ten shrines built in a river valley.

After Gunung Kawi Temple, you will visit Tirta Empul, a serene site of religious prayers where you can present offerings to the gods and take part in a purifying bathing ritual. You can also enter the temple’s sacred area to undergo a cleansing ritual and drink the holy water.

Lunch is taken at the picturesque Tegalalang Rice Terrace before the journey continues to the temple in the Ubud Monkey Forest where you can also shop at the traditional market.

Finally, the last stop is the Goa Gajah, a meditation site inside a sacred cave. The journey lasts between eight and ten hours. The memories will last a lifetime.

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