The Ultimate Presenting Experience in Bali

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like if your ideas, your passion, your mission could be communicated clearly, so others felt it the same way you did? What if you could learn how to harness your inner speaker — that person within, with a fire in their belly — so you can show the world what you’re here to do, in a fun, authentic, engaging way?

Our Presenters Masterclass mentor, Andrew Eggelton, is someone who cares about bringing the very best in you forward. Sometimes it’s not easy. In fact, it’s known that public speaking can be rather scary for a lot of people. But that fear quickly disappears once you realise how good you are at talking about the things that are important for you. 

Everyone can do this, and Andrew is a master at finding each person’s style, bringing it out gently, but with great encouragement, and refining it. That’s why again and again, his Presenters Masterclasses have churned out impressive success stories. You don’t know how good you are until you try. Andrew’s methodology, created out of his desire to connect with his audience in an authentic way, allows him to help you do the very same.

Every year we host Andrew’s Presenters Masterclass at Vision Villa, so a new batch of master presenters can stand out by being the fullest expression of who they are, every time they speak. The secret? To ensure their words connect with their audience’s heart and soul. To make them feel what the presenter feels. Thus reaching a real state of flow.

From May 24th until the 29th, Vision Villa Resort will host this amazing Bali masterclass, which will no doubt surprise and amazes the participants who take part in it. There is no magic trick, except finding what makes you you, by getting out of your own way on stage. This will naturally allow you to become the most engaging speaker possible, by being a conduit for infinite wisdom right there, in front of a live audience. Are you ready?

Being a Vision Villa Resort masterclass retreat, you also get your full 4 days of powerful content and training, 5 nights twin-share accommodation in Bali (with an option to upgrade), healthy meals and drinks during the program, as well airport transfers to and from Vision Villa.

If you’re ready to take on this journey to become a World Class presenter, then join us from May 24th – 29th at our beautiful Vision Villa Resort, and book your spot today:

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