The morning sun on your face, the sound of nature in the background… Beautiful souls all around you, stretching their bodies, as well as their spirits. A yoga retreat can be a magical experience, while hosting your own adds a whole other element of shared joy, making the event very special, and memorable.

Yoga retreats can certainly seem simple enough. Organise a bunch of friends, family and/or strangers to join you for a few days away, from home, with all the food and accommodation included. Have an early morning session and an afternoon session, with a bit of theory thrown in for good measure. In general terms, that’s enough. But if you want to host an incredible experience, read on:

  • Find a Coordinator

Unless you’re able to do 2 or 3 things at the same time, you’ll soon realise that hosting a yoga retreat requires at least one person on-site to plan, organise and ensure the activities are running well. From check-in to dinner time, there will always be things taking your attention. So having someone else take care of the logistical stuff will liberate your time, so you can make sure everyone’s happy.

 Having someone like the Vision Villa team, with their own professional event organisers, kitchen and service staff, as well as a technical team, will alleviate most issues that arise when hosting a yoga retreat, for the first time. In-house meal coordination (made at the healthy Genius Café), taking into account all dietary requirements, as well as airport transportation, will take your event far.

  • Arrange the Space

 Hosting your retreat in a safe, relaxing space is crucial for your participants to join in and be allowed to be themselves. That way, there will be less friction, and participants will be happy to open up and relax while enjoying the beautiful vibes in the space you’ve created for them. Vision Villa Resort is known for its nature-inspired relaxing vibes, with the perfect setup for yoga.

 Creating a safe space goes beyond the actual ‘space’, as well. By making sure everyone is prepared for the event, with every question answered (so they all feel respected and listened to), will bring this sense of safety and relaxedness forward. This is something that you’ll be able to do effortlessly by having an expert retreat hosting team assist you, so you can focus on your participants.

  • Build a Relationship

Nurturing the relationship you’ve got with those running the hotel, venue or event centre is very valuable, as they can give you the ins and outs of hosting a retreat in their space. This is especially true with all-inclusive yoga retreats, like those hosted at Vision Villa Resort, where the participants will be in constant contact with the friendly staff, who can then relay their experience back to you.

Arriving a few days early — or better yet, staying there a few weeks or even months in advance — will give you a fantastic idea of what the yoga experience will be all about. Especially if you’ve never attended an event or stayed there before. The closer you are to management and local staff, the more you will feel like family, which increases the comfort of your participants’ time at the retreat. 

  • Find the Balance

Yoga in many ways is all about balance. Our body’s balance between its various poses, as well as with our active minds and expansive spirits. Similarly, the content during your yoga retreat should be well balanced between the theory (which often gets downplayed, but it’s necessary for a well-rounded retreat), and the practice, where the learnings can be applied. As well as the social part.

Having a strong emphasis on the social aspect of your event will ensure your yoga retreat will be an unforgettable experience. Your participants are there to be and feel healthier, which includes creating spontaneous connections to other wonderful individuals on similar wellness paths. Encouraging these connections should be an important part of your plans for the yoga retreat.

If you’d like to host your yoga retreat at Vision Villa Resort, the team will also be at hand to assist you with the social (aka “extracurricular”) activities. This can go from morning beach walks to evening parties, or even island getaways, to celebrate the end of your retreat. Whichever option you prefer, the team will make sure it’s all arranged, based on your vision, so everyone has a great time!

If you’d like to find out more about how to host your perfect yoga retreat in paradise, you can reach out to our team by filling out our quick form, here.