Smoothie’s are one of the most delicious ways to eat healthy. By combining freshly sourced everyday fruits, with exotic ingredients from the tropical island of Bali, the Genius Café prides itself on its ever-growing menu of delectably sweet and frothy refreshments, which are also very good for your wellbeing.

Each month we’ll be introducing a new smoothie flavour, together with its recipe and ideal place to enjoy it. For April, we’re showcasing a mouth-watering fan favourite, the Jumpy Monkey. Like its namesake animal, this fun drink is full of energy, which will wake you up, and fill you with a drive to start your day!

Jumpy Monkey’s Recipe

Blend the following:

1 banana

1 tbsp cacao powder

Cup ice

Honey as much as you like

30mls espresso

1/3 cup cashew milk or any milk you like

Once blended and poured, you will not forget the first time you tried this most decadent version of smoothies. Best for long days that require your focus, as well for when you simply want a good taste that will bring you happy memories