We’re very proud to host a Facilitator Training organized by Love Out Loud in April

Love Out Loud believes in a movement that’s owned by every single member of our
community. As they’re reaching a point of critical mass, its essential they have more and
more community members, leaders, personalities and business owners learn their
methods of communication, group facilitation, the art behind resolving conflict through
love spread this way of being throughout the world.

Their founder, Nicole Gibson, developed this facilitation model after working with half a
million people across the globe in complex community development projects, politics,
corporate cultural design, facilitating change process, one on one coaching and
building a nonprofit for seven years that worked in education and mental health.
Unconventionally, Nicole also drew on 10 years of improvisation and a disciplined early
career in theatre, which she left mainstream schooling at 14 to pursue.

The Love Out Loud way, which is now used across the world in retreats, seminars and
consultation, you will not find anywhere else. It is a unique philosophy of
communication and facilitation, proving to be highly effective.

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