Nourish Retreat Bali – A Conscious Food Journey

22 – 28 November 2020 | Vision Villa Resort, Bali


Nourish Retreat has been created for YOU. It will broaden your knowledge and inspire creativity in your kitchen with whole food plant-based cooking. A 5 1/2 day cooking retreat that allows you to learn a way of cooking, that will bring much health to your organs, delight your taste buds and enrich your life.

Who, What, Where & When

The Speaker:
International speaker, presenter and Creative Food Director Chef Cynthia Louise

The Participants:
Those who seek to create delicious food & achieve ultimate health

The Venue:
Vision Villa Resort, Bali

The Dates:
22 – 28 November 2020

Plant-based cooking and eating continues to help my body heal, maintain a healthy weight while reducing any inflammation in my body.

Rosana Matlock

What’s Included

  • A traditional Balinese welcome dinner
  • 5 days cooking, learning and eating in my kitchen – with me supporting you
  • Masterclass daily with me and Q & A
  • Over 60 Nourish Retreat recipes in your own Nourish Retreat Workbook
  • Immersing yourself in my kitchen. I will guide you, hold your hand and love you up. Then I’ll set you up for when you return home with these incredible recipes and new skills you have learned
  • Morning movement sessions to activate your body and calm your mind
  • A stunning field trip in Bali
  • An amazing daily guest presenter on health, healing and your body



Chef Cynthia Louise is the creator of a series of online cooking masterclasses and programs that run 24/7. Each class is designed to nurture you through an emotional connection with wholefood. Connecting you internally to your incredible organs your body houses.

In each class, Cynthia guides you from her kitchen to yours, focusing on techniques that are achievable, as the techniques and intentions are the most important part of a recipe. Each class brings you closer to nature, enhancing your genius while discovering how much you, truly matter, as each dish is designed with your organs in mind.

International speaker and presenter, Chef Cynthia Louise’s on-stage presence is contagious as she is a voice of care and wisdom that ripples through our hearts gently. Connecting global visionaries and local entrepreneurs, mums, and dads into a value system that connects health alongside wealth. As one energy, that creates a thriving energetic lifestyle internally.

Creator and owner of NOURISH, a 5-day plant-based hands-on cooking retreat held once a year in Bali, the island of the gods. A hands-on cooking retreat where you dive into plant-based cooking alongside Chef Cynthia Louise as she holds you up and shines a light on your soul and pure potential when it comes to nourishing yourself.

Chef Cynthia Louise is a contributor & presenter on FMTV and Gaia TV.

Published co-author of 3 international bestselling cookbooks, with DR Libby Weaver: REAL FOOD CHEF. SWEET TOOTH STORY. REAL FOOD KITCHEN.

Creative food director and partner of global brands, GENIUS U and Entrepreneurs Resorts. Chef works alongside a global team with visionary Roger James Hamilton building 50 genius food locations worldwide for entrepreneurs to be nourished while they create and act on their business on a global stage.

Chef is a mentor, trainer, and builder of cafes globally for clients who want to partner up creating the future of food with plant-based menus. Training the next generation of up and coming chefs and cafe owners on how to look after themselves while building their own business and their customer’s ultimate health.

A loving supporter of women’s and men’s health, wealth, and optimal well-being through the way she teaches, shining a bright light on how much you matter when it comes to choosing food.

A Concious Food Journey


* All prices are in USD
** Balance to be paid in full 45 days before Nourish Retreat Starts
There are limited number of spots available at each retreat. This is an intimate space for you to feel safe and supported. So you will need to act fast to grab your place so you can cook plant-based recipes with me that


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