Live, Heal & Thrive


Phil (This is me) suffered from this so called untreatable autoimmune condition called vitiligo. When I was diagnosed, all my confidence was smacked right out me in an instant.

I was told ‘Here is some cream and stay out the sun’. Well, that was the start to prove them all wrong. So for many years did my own research and study and nearly gave up.
For years I avoided the sun. This not only affected me, it affected my kids as they wanted nothing more than to spend time with me on the beach in summer.

It was when discovered how to get the body in a true state of alkalinity and getting the right food combinations without the use of supplements. This is where everything changed. The white affected hair as gone back to being dark again which is never heard of with any vitiligo treatment. Now my kids are happy that I can spend time at the beach with them without having to worry about my skin.