Live, Heal & Thrive

This a beautiful life changing story from Shelley on how she set out to help reduce the inflammation in her body on our Immune Boosting Solution Program, but did not expect this to happen.

Shelley sustained a head injury at 11 years old when she was struck with a baseball which left her in a coma. As you can imagine she had tubes in her throat to keep her alive leaving scarring as well as damaging her vocal cords and leaving her with only 15% of her airway to breathe.

With only a small amount of airway capacity, Shelley gets pretty puffed doing any physical activity. Even an uphill walk can be challenging for her.

I’ll let Shelley share the rest of her journey on how she is finding her uphill walk becoming so much easier in a matter of 4 days and in her own words, “It’s life changing for me”